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Elizabeth M. Weber


With over twenty years general bookkeeping and accounting experience,
I am well versed in the importance and accuracy needed in this business.

Whether your situation is working as a self-employed proprietorship, a corporation, a partnership, or other business entity, I can assist you with everything you need from starting up to maintaining ongoing operations and resolving problems. I pride myself on setting up your unique, streamlined bookkeeping needs from scratch, refining an existing system to better service your business, or simply working efficiency within an already existing system. I provide chart of accounts setup, accounts payable, accounts receivable, journals, reconciliations, reports and payroll.


Experience has shown me that each business is unique and owner’s need bookkeeping that is tailored to their business.

Experience has shown me that any every business has its own particular needs for bookkeeping. A customized chart of accounts can streamline the weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual accounting needed to keep track of expenses and revenue. I really enjoy working with clients to setup QuickBooks accounting systems for small businesses, non-profits, trusts/estates, and individuals. I understand what a burden this can be in terms of the learning curve and technicalities. I can assist and train you to take control of QuickBooks and minimize the time and steps required to effectively work with it.

Tax Preparation

I am a licensed tax preparer in Oregon having completed the required training as well as passing the rigorous state test. 

Working with Bean Counter Tax Services Inc., I provide detailed preparation of individual, sole proprietor, and corporation tax forms. I will assist in finding the credits and deductions you are entitled to in order to reduce your tax liability.

Additional Services

Experience has shown me that many business owners get overwhelmed with bookkeeping tasks.

Did you recently experience poor bookkeeping assistance? Call me. Or possibly you were too busy with other things and the bookkeeping was neglected? Call me. Maybe you were the victim of an embezzlement or fraud? Call me! I think you can see where this is going. I’m a flexible person with a lot of experience from the vantage point of bookkeeping and general accounting, which means I understand the necessity and advantage of well-organized systems – whether running numbers, office organization or complete business setups. I’ll help you think through your unique system and what needs to be done to get you to a more comfortable position with your money.​

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